Requisite FAQ's

Forms / Visits

  • I have not printed my Health Forms. Where do I find the Health Forms to print?

    Your College website maintains printable versions of all program specific health forms. Once connected to the College homepage, select registration conditions and scroll down to find your program. You will see an area that says Health Standards Forms. Please read through all of the information carefully.

  • How do I make an appointment with ParaMed?

    You must access this web site ( in order to set up an account to make an appointment (you need to have a student ID).

  • I have made an appointment with the ParaMed Nurse but I have not yet received my police check results.

    All information including police checks, lab work, etc need to be completed and provided to the ParaMed nurse at the appointment. Please ensure you have fully completed the requirements, you will not be cleared until all requirements have submitted.

  • I need to cancel my appointment, can I call ParaMed?

    To cancel an appointment, simply log in the same way as you did when you first made the appointment and select cancel. Please ensure you cancel at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

  • I don’t have a record of the immunizations I received as a child, where can I locate this information?

    Your local Health Unit where you attended primary school will have these immunizations on file. Please visit to locate your Health Unit.

  • I have had all my immunizations, why do I need to have blood work?

    The requirements include the completion of blood work for the specified areas on the health form. Please make sure that you receive copies of all lab results from your doctor.

  • On the Health standards form it says I need my HCP CPR but in my notice of conditional admission it says I only need my CPR Level C?

    Practical nursing students and collaborative nursing students are required to have their health care provider (HCP) CPR, it is strongly recommended for all other program but not required.

  • What happens once ParaMed clears me for placement?

    Your clinical teacher will be able to access the information to verify you have been cleared for placement.

Web Site Issues

  • Why am I unable to set up an account? The message "Unable to verify Student ID" comes up when I try to validate my Student ID and College EMail Address.

    You must be registered with your College for the current semester in order to set up an account. If you have just completed your registration with your College you must wait 2 days before setting up an account here. Should you still encounter problems, please use the contact information on the first page to contact your Colleg.

  • How do I contact ParaMed Health Services with problems I am having with this website (navigation, account setup)?

    You may call the ParaMed Health Services toll free help line 1-866-289-8784 during office hours (8:00am - 5:30pm Mon-Fri).